Need an English language editor? 3 Pointers on Finding the Best

20 May 14 - 23:25

Language editing is an intricate task. Besides know-how, it requires an eye for detail, an understanding of the author’s perspective, knowledge of referencing styles, etc. However, it is important to check the qualifications of an English language editor.

English language editors are expected to know the subtleties of the English of language and must be able to edit in UK and US English. The language editor must have knowledge about the purpose of the document, so besides checking for language accuracy, he/she should be able to understand the content and flow.

An English language editor should be able to eliminate typographical and grammatical errors, ensure subject-verb agreement, improve word choice, etc. to make the language in the edited document flawless.  So the language editor should have adequate knowledge of formatting and proofreading.

Expert English language editors are expected to return documents quickly. When hiring an English, editor of company, you must ensure he/she/it can complete the assignment on time. You can check the level of satisfaction clients commonly enjoy by hiring the language editor you have shortlisted.

There are different criteria for selecting an English language editor. However, it is really difficult to evaluate an editor’s level of expertise unless you have checked some samples of his/her work. The three points discussed above will help you find an experienced editor.

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