MBA Paper Editors: what are their functions?

08 Sep 14 - 02:15

MBA stands for Master of Business Management. This advance course incorporates a project into its curriculum where students have to explore a special niche.The result of the project is often revised or expanded into a special research paper called a dissertation. These MBA papers are ultra-important for candidates pursuing advanced studies in business management.

The role of MBA paper editors
MBA papers are to be written with the greatest accuracy in terms of subject knowledge and with ...
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Professional copyediting by Polished Paper: Four awesome qualities

21 Aug 14 - 20:41

The copyediting services offered by Polished Paper ( have become even more popular as more and more users recognize their quality. This is not due to magic or a marketing gimmick. Polished Paper has built its reputation as a professional editing and proofreading company on the four pillars of perfection outlined below.

Excellent quality
Polished Paper ( maintains excellent standards in its copyediting services. Polished Paper thoroughly screens its ed...
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How to edit another persons paper on Word

18 Aug 14 - 02:54

Editing is an intricate task because an editor must work on a document someone else has written. Such writing is a literary work, and the editing of different literary works requires different methods. No single formula for editing exists. The editor must take into account the author’s voice, the purpose, the prescribed style, and grammar and spelling rules. In every case, the editor must make the writing flawless.
Understanding the author’s perspective.
Editing is done on manuscrip...
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Essay Editing Services: How to Select the Best

31 Jul 14 - 00:58

Finding the best out of many is always a daunting task, and finding the best editing service providerno different. With numerous options available online, it often becomes difficult to find the most suitable agency to hire. Essay editing services are mostly availed by students and authors. The checklist mentioned below will help make the selection process less intimidating.
Check the Professional Expertise Level
Before you handover your essay to an essay editing service, check how itactua...
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The Difference between Resume and CV Editing

29 Jul 14 - 00:40

Before learning about resumeediting services online, let’s take a look at the difference between a CV and resume.CV stands for curriculum vitae, and it is a detailed description of an individual’s total professional experience and qualifications. In Asia, UAE, Europe, and Africa, recruiters mostly want CVs for professional positions and resumes for educational applicants, whereas in the USA and UK, they expect resumes.
On the other hand, resume writing is different than CVwriting. A res...
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How to Find a Company to Proofread my Essay.”?

27 Jul 14 - 23:04

It is important to write and submit quality essays to succeed in academia. A good essay can help do the following:

    Improve your grades,

    Create a good relationship with academic instructors,

    Help you boost your confidence, and

    Create a good impression about your learning skills.

For non-native speakers, writing an essay is sometimes a bit tougher because of the intricacies of and the lack of total command over the language. In these situations, I use an editing...
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English Proofreading Services: 3 Qualities of Excellent English Language Editors

21 Jul 14 - 02:55
Language editors are responsible for editing manuscripts and documents for accuracy and consistency. Although command of the English language is a prerequisite for anEnglish language editor, competent editors possess some more attributes that make them excellent in their category.

Superb Command over the Language
English Proofreading Services only hire native English language editors with the best command of the language. Unless the editor excels in identifying and correcting errors in ...
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Essay editing services: What are the benefits of hiring experts?

23 Jun 14 - 02:12

Students hire essay editing services to help them gain college admission or for class assignments. Essay editing services includes both editing and proof-reading. In short, this supportive assistance offers students a unique and competitive edge, helping them climb the ladder of academic success.

Essay editing services check content, review flow, ensure consistency and coherence, and make it easy to read. Editing services enhance the readability of the essay before itssubmission for revi...
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Need an English language editor? 3 Pointers on Finding the Best

20 May 14 - 23:25

Language editing is an intricate task. Besides know-how, it requires an eye for detail, an understanding of the author’s perspective, knowledge of referencing styles, etc. However, it is important to check the qualifications of an English language editor.

English language editors are expected to know the subtleties of the English of language and must be able to edit in UK and US English. The language editor must have knowledge about the purpose of the document, so besides checking for la...
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