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18 Aug 14 - 02:54

Editing is an intricate task because an editor must work on a document someone else has written. Such writing is a literary work, and the editing of different literary works requires different methods. No single formula for editing exists. The editor must take into account the author’s voice, the purpose, the prescribed style, and grammar and spelling rules. In every case, the editor must make the writing flawless.
Understanding the author’s perspective.
Editing is done on manuscripts, which is the raw form of a document. Hence, one of most important aspects of editing another person’s writing is to understand the author’s perspective. This is the best way to check the natural flow and readability of the manuscript. The editor will not change the content on his or her own but instead will ask the author for amendment where a gap or inconsistency is found.
Finding typos and spelling mistakes.
An editor scrutinizes the entire document and fixes typos and spelling mistakes. This enhances the document’s readability. At the same time, the editor determines whether the author has used consistent spelling and correct grammar, thereby making the document flawless linguistically peaking. The editing done by Polished Paper ( is of exceptional quality. The company’s editors are meticulous in their elimination of technical errors in readying documents for submission, upload, and/or publication.
Removing duplicate content.
For journal articles, removing duplicate content is one of the prime aspects of editing. Polished Paper ( editors remove duplicate content with the utmost care so that the edited article can be considered a fine critical piece of writing.
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